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Building Revenue Streams for Your B2B Content Hub

Building Revenue Streams for Your B2B Content Hub

For B2B publishers, content hubs present a major opportunity to engage audiences while generating sustainable revenue. As centralized platforms for housing educational and engaging content, hubs allow brands to share diverse material with their target users. 

But how can you actually make money from your content hub? Let’s explore some of the top monetization strategies:


Offer different subscription tiers to give brands access to certain hub features and content. Entry-level subs may cover basics like performance metrics, while higher tiers could include content licensing, ads, and lead gen. According to a survey by Kontent, 69% of B2B brands are willing to pay for subscription-based hubs.

Sponsored Content

Give brands opportunities to publish sponsored posts and materials on your hub. Maintain transparency by properly labeling this type of content. Sponsored content could make up a major chunk of your revenue – Marketo reports it can generate up to 60%.

Content Licensing

License and sell your proprietary content like reports, research and articles to brands seeking to amplify their hubs. A SmartBug Media study found 65% of B2B brands will pay for quality licensed content.


Sell ad space to relevant brands interested in reaching your audience. Carefully place ads to avoid disrupting user experience. OptinMonster found 57% of B2B professionals will click relevant, non-intrusive ads.

Affiliate Marketing 

Earn commissions by partnering with brands and promoting their products through affiliate links. Affiliate programs could contribute meaningfully to your bottom line – Hubspot says up to 15% of revenue.

Lead Generation

Offer lead gen services by sharing user data and insights with brands trying to reach potential customers. A Wistia study found 62% of brands will pay for leads from publishers.

The takeaway? While building an exceptional B2B content hub takes time and effort, you can absolutely generate revenue through strategic monetization. Experiment to find the right mix that delivers value for your business, partners and audience.