Achieve Customer Acquisition Excellence

We provide a range of award-winning services based on two decades of experience, designed to help you achieve customer acquisition excellence.

Strategy and planning are at the core of everything we do. We consult with you to define your goals and objectives, and put frameworks in place to measure and optimize activities to deliver maximum impact.

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Content Creation

We have an expert understanding of the B2B customer journey and the role that content plays in influencing and informing your buyers’ decision-making processes. We take a consultative approach to creating the right content, to deliver the desired outcome, whether creating top-of-funnel awareness for triggering demand, or converting prospects and building loyalty.

  • Research-based content that resonates with the personas and needs of the buying committee.
  • Reports, buyers’ guides and white papers, to cement authority and build reputation.
  • The development of supporting assets to activate customer touchpoints
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Demand Generation

Based on our experience and knowledge of customer behavior, we work alongside you as an integrated extension of your team to bolster, enhance or develop your demand generation function, and to build a robust strategy.

We research your customers’ journeys to understand the actions they take, and why. We take the time to understand their key challenges and pain points, and how and where they research investments.

  • Identify and recruit the right publishers to promote your content to aligned audience segments.
  • Activation of omnichannel campaigns that educate buyers, increase brand awareness, and build trust.
  • Increase relevant traffic to your site to generate a greater volume of high-quality leads and new business enquiries.

Lead Generation

Utilising the Demand Exchange platform, we provide an end-to-end lead generation service. We analyze your customer base and consult with your sales leaders to create ideal buyer and customer profiles.

We create personas based on the needs and requirements of the buying committee, and evaluate your content against those. Next, we repurpose, reposition, or create new content that communicates to those personas and contains the answers they are seeking. We also create content hubs or deploy on-brand landing pages on your website, ready to convert visitors into high-value leads.

  • Drive relevant traffic to landing pages to convert into leads.
  • Validate data against agreed customer profiles and buyer personas.
  • Deliver clean, qualified leads to your sales team to action.
  • Provide detailed reporting on channel performance.
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Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Account-based marketing is a strategic approach to targeting, educating and influencing decision makers in key accounts that matter most to the development of your business. We work with you to develop a solid ABM strategy and content program to support it.

A winning ABM strategy needs to be created in partnership with sales so they are 100% bought in, supported and vested in its success.

  • Educate senior decision makers within strategic accounts about your proposition.
  • Omnichannel approach to turn passive observers into warm sales prospects.
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Sales Services

In addition to our marketing services focused on customer acquisition, we are in the unique position to provide a full range of sales services.

Not only are we able to generate the demand and leads that matter, we are also able to contact them, profile opportunities and provide you with ready-made sales opportunities acting as a valuable extension to your sales organization.

  • Nurture leads to the point when they’re BANT-qualified and ready for a sales conversation.
  • Cold prospecting to identify potential new customers, testing your proposition against new sectors or markets.
  • Act as your sales development agency, providing outreach and sales meetings for your team.
  • Providing event support, booking delegates and following up on attendees post-event to identify sales opportunities.

Channel Orchestration Services

Imagine being able to add a marketing asset in one central location and make it available across a network of all the resellers you work with. Imagine being able to have on-brand content hubs and landing pages across all of your resellers’ websites generating leads and enquiries for them that you have visibility of. You no longer need to imagine. With Demand Exchange, all this and more becomes a reality.

  • Deploy partner marketing campaigns at scale with real-time visibility of spend versus activity and return on investment.
  • Orchestrate content campaigns across your entire reseller network.
  • Reduce overheads and repetitive tasks associated with having to manage so many one-to-one relationships.
Demand Xchange

Data Validation

You may excel at lead generation, but have reached the point of understanding that not all leads and suppliers of leads to your business are of the same quality. Our data validation engine helps reduce wasted spend and eradicates bad data from entering your systems.

  • Better-quality leads for your sales team, with all leads matching buyer criteria and 100% contactable.
  • Increased data quality provides more accurate forecasting.
  • Data can be enriched to provide more granular profiling of prospective opportunities.
Demand Xchange

Fully or Part Managed Service

Demand Exchange provides the technology, skills and expertise to execute and manage successful demand and lead generation campaigns. We set up the platform so that it appears native to your website. All that’s required from IT is the creation of a subdomain, literally a two-minute job.

  • Display resources sections and content hubs filled with useful information for site visitors to access.
  • We manage and optimize marketing channels that drive demand; email, publishers, partners and social media.
  • Landing page forms capture the data of interested parties, with gated content assets.
  • Leads are scored, matched against buyer criteria and validated before handing them off to sales.
  • Reporting and analysis provides visibility of progress, best-performing channels and return on investment.

Demand Exchange has continued to give us quality leads from content syndication programs to their hosted webinars. We’ll continue to rely on them to drive our pipeline in the months to come.”

Senior Marketing Manager, Cloudinary