The right solutions to solve your lead and demand generation challenges

We built the DX platform and services that wrap around it to help some of the world’s biggest businesses solve their demand generation problems. That’s why we’re confident we’ve got the solutions for the challenges you’re facing too.

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Reach and relevance

It’s always a challenge to find publishers who will host your content and present it to the audience you want to reach.

We can work with you to identify and establish an off-site network so you can syndicate your content across a host of relevant publications. Or you can use our AI-driven tools to build your network yourself. Either way, DX will make sure readers find the content they want, so you reach the audience you need.

Invalid data

The validity of publisher lead data averages about 50%, so roughly half the leads you’re paying for are worthless. Even worse, it’s hard to know which ones are sub-standard, so your sales team will quickly become disenchanted. And if you ask your marketing team to validate them, they’ll lose interest rapidly too.

DX matches every lead generated against your criteria, and rejects the ones that don’t qualify. It also checks the validity of information provided by every downloader against a minimum of 16 data points. This means you get the leads you want, and your sales and marketing teams can get on with what they signed up for.

Cutting through the noise

You can create or host the perfect content for your audience, but if they can’t find it, you’ve wasted your time.

DX’s AI-powered engine can ingest content into a hub, classify it, and re-surface it in a relevant, personalized way, based on people’s previous behavior. That matters just as much if you’re trying to generate leads, or looking to create an easily-usable resource for your audience.

Landing page workload

Creating all the landing pages you need for a lead gen campaign is time-consuming if you go through IT, and a massive drain on resources if you don’t.

The DX Engine automates page creation, so you can have all the landing pages you need, exactly matching the look of your own site, in a fraction of the time it would normally take. On average DX saves 95% of your time creating landing pages so you can get on with the all-important task of generating high-quality leads for your business.

Campaign visibility

As campaigns grow in complexity, so does the difficulty of keeping track of all the moving parts.

Our Global Demand Center (GDC) gives you complete visibility of all your activities. You’ll know which publishers and channels are generating the highest quality leads. That way you can optimize what’s going right – and fix what’s going wrong – while your campaign is still in progress.

Partner transparency

Understanding what’s going on with your lead gen campaigns is even trickier when you’re working through partners, whether solely or in conjunction with your own efforts.

DX can connect all the people involved and link their activities, so you know what’s going on with every lead, even as they move between your channels and partners.

Account-based issues

Getting ABM right depends on delivering the right content to each member of the buying committee at the right time in their individual journey, often without even knowing who they are.

Our database of IP addresses means we can identify different people working at the same company and target them with relevant content. Then, as soon as they download something, our AI-driven engine can start to predict the next best asset to serve them.

Starting from scratch

It can be daunting when you’re taking your first steps in lead generation.

DX can create, support and enable your Go To Market (GTM strategy). From content creation and distribution, nurturing the most promising prospects, and verification of leads, right through to setting appointments for your sales team, we’ll be there to help and advise you how to get the best results from your campaigns.

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