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DX adds rich features and functionality that promotes your content and converts visitors into sales-ready leads.

  • Presents highly relevant content
  • Converts engaged visitors into leads
  • Delivers verified and validated leads

DX creates content that engages and resonates with prospective buyers across the customer journey.

  • Create awareness and generate demand
  • Convert prospects into sales opportunities
  • Educate and retain your best customers
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DX provides the platform, skills and expertise to manage end-to-end demand and lead generation campaigns.

  • Optimise channels to deliver revenue
  • Recruit publishers to promote your message
  • Measure and attribute leads to their source
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B2B buyers are now up to 70% of the way through researching a purchase before they contact a sales person.

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Helping some of the world’s biggest B2B businesses solve their demand generation problems and find their future customers.

“Demand Exchange supported and challenged our team to push beyond the boundaries of what we thought was possible”

Global Growth Manager, Mitsubishi Chemical Group
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A definitive guide for marketing leaders, packed with pointers, tips and commentary that will accelerate your lead and demand generation practice.