Building your demand network to optimize for success

The key to demand and lead generation success is developing a network of high-quality, trusted partners and managing them effectively to deliver the results your business needs.

This can be challenging as managing a large number of one-to-one relationships is time-consuming, and the quality of leads supplied can vary dramatically.

Demand Exchange ensures that 100% of your spend goes to buying better quality leads.

Onboarding of existing lead generation suppliers

The DX platform has been developed to manage large networks of publishers and lead generation companies at scale, reducing the need for one-to-one communication and with time-saving efficiencies in mind.

It is also easy to onboard new partners to your existing supply chain and manage all your lead generation suppliers effectively from one place.

Recruitment of trade publishers and additional lead gen suppliers

We will work with you to identify, recruit and onboard additional trade publishers, trade associations and lead generation companies, enabling the development of your demand network.

Measure & benchmarking your lead generation activities

Demand Exchange acts as a single source of truth benchmarking suppliers while ensuring you receive only high-quality leads.

Leads that don’t match your criteria can be easily communicated to your supply chain and replenished, while any that are uncontactable are eradicated.

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“Our relationship with them is very simple. Anytime I have new content to push or an idea for something they’re more than happy to offer advice and help me adjust the campaign criteria. I really like that level of support.”

Senior Marketing Manager, Cheetah Digital