The Customer Acquisition Platform to accelerate the sales performance of your business

Identifying and engaging buyers at earlier stages of their customer journey is critical to sales success. This involves getting your content in front of them at exactly the right point in time through the creation of value exchanges. If you fail to do this it’s highly unlikely that buyers will consider you when they are shortlisting suppliers.

How does it work?

DX Engine Illustration

The Demand Exchange engine manages the end-to-end process of demand and lead generation. It does the heavy lifting, making the process of generating high-quality leads transparent, scalable and easier to manage.

  • Present your content in a more visible, engaging and relevant manner to site visitors
  • Market your content on and on site to provide reach and scale
  • Manage a large number of lead generation supplier relationships with ease
  • Increase the volume of leads coming into your business
  • Improve the quality of lead data from data capture through to delivery
  • Providing high-quality, 100% contactable leads that motivate the sales team and improve performance
  • Clean and accurate lead data that matches qualifiers enables better sales forecasting
  • Benchmark channels and suppliers to provide greater visibility – DX acts as a single source of truth

By onboarding your agencies, lead generation partners and publishers, your lead generation supply chain can be managed from one central location. Marketing channels such as email and paid media are also added to give you a clear and unified view of activities, performance, delivery and the quality of leads that are delivered by channel and by partner.

  • On-brand content hubs and landing pages are automatically generated and feel 100% native to your website
  • Optimized trafic is sent to landing pages to convert
  • Lead data is match against lead qualifiers and customer profiles
  • Data is validated and enriched to provide additional profiling and to ensure 100% contactability
  • Leads that match your criteria are delivered into CRM or marketing automation technologies to be nurtured or actioned by sales
  • Leads that do not match criteria, or are not 100% contactable, are rejected and replacements are requested.
  • This saves you money, ensures sales are motivated to action your leads, and enables better and more accurate sales forecasting.

Explore all features that Demand Exchange offers to accelerate the customer acquisition and sales performance of your business.

“Working with Demand Exchange is always a pleasure. They have consistently delivered the highest quality leads on time for our partners that have resulted in accelerated pipeline, business opportunities and most importantly converted into sales.”

Partner Marketing Manager, Cisco